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Q. Do I need a wedding planner?

I encourage my clients to be involved in the wedding planning process.  After all, it's part of the engagement experience!  But wedding planning should be fun for you.  If you find that you just don't know where to begin, you're too busy, or you are getting frustrated, fed up, or frazzled -- then you could probably benefit from a wedding planner.  Wedding planning can be very time-consuming, involving a lot of research and meetings.  Hiring a wedding planner, who has a network of vendors and is an expert in the planning process, can save you time and money.  

Q. I want to be involved with the wedding planning, but I could use some guidance.  Will a wedding planner help me without taking over the reins?

Absolutely!  We understand that some couples want their planners to handle everything while others just need some guidance.  Our goal is always to make the wedding exactly what you envision.  We have a variety of packages to fit a wide range of wedding planning needs.  In our free initial consultation, we can discuss all of the different options, and which would best fit your needs.

Q. What is Day Of Coordination?

While a couple may have planned the wedding on their own, there is quite a lot that goes on behind the scenes at weddings. The last thing a couple wants is to be stuck managing logistics, answering questions, and handling problems on wedding day!  A day of coordinator will serve as the manager of the event so that the  couple (and their families) don't have to worry about any of the details. 

When I'm hired as a day of coordinator, I view my role as part manager of the event, part problem-solver, and part advocate for the couple,. Tasks for a day of coordinator include: overseeing set up, ensuring vendors arrive on time, handling questions/issues from the other vendors, attending to the couple's needs, distributing bouquets and boutonnieres, managing the timeline and cueing when the mini-events happen, giving instructions to the bridal party and other participants, assisting with seating guests, coordinating transportation, and much much more.  

We believe the key to a seamless wedding is preparation, so while it's known as Day Of Coordination, we actually start working with our day-of clients about 2 months before the wedding. In that time, we will be creating timelines, doing a venue walk-through, contacting vendors, and much more. 

Even if you plan your own wedding, hiring a day of coordinator is an affordable option that will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully relax and enjoy your big day.

Q.  Where can I view photos of your work?

To view a sampling of a variety of different weddings we have worked on, you can check out our portfolio on Instagram.

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